Anti Bark 3 in 1 Dog Trainer
Anti Bark 3 in 1 Dog Trainer
Anti Bark 3 in 1 Dog Trainer
Anti Bark 3 in 1 Dog Trainer
Anti Bark 3 in 1 Dog Trainer
Anti Bark 3 in 1 Dog Trainer
Anti Bark 3 in 1 Dog Trainer
Anti Bark 3 in 1 Dog Trainer
Anti Bark 3 in 1 Dog Trainer

Anti Bark 3 in 1 Dog Trainer

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Safe And Simple Anti-Barking Solution

Are you struggling with your dog's naughty behavior?  Stop the annoying bark and teach your dog to calmer and quieter with the Anti Bark 3 in 1 Dog Trainer.  This device emits ultrasonic sound helps train your dogs to be obedient and stop some unwanted behaviors without harm. 

This handheld training aid emits a powerful yet harmless ultrasonic sound, teaching your dog to associate the unpleasant sound with disobeying commands to stop barking. It will help repress and deter the constant barking, allowing you to finally relax and work in peace. 


  • 3-in-1 Device - This handy device serves as a dog trainer, a dog repeller and also an LED torch for illumination.
  • Effective Dog Trainer - Emit gentle ultrasonic waves that attract the attention of the dog when behaving improperly.  Effectively train your pet to be obedient, corrects misbehavior and stops barking. 
  • Dog Repelling - Can also emit strong ultrasonic sound to protect you from dog attacks. 
  • No Shock Technology - Completely safe and does not harm dogs. No liquid propellant is used; thus being the most humane way to protect you from aggressive dogs.

  • LED Flashlight Function - The blinking of the super bright LED can also make the dog clear the source and position of the sound, so as to understand that the weapon in your hand is against it.
  • Safe To Use - The sound is audible only to pets, no harm with children, elderly or pregnant female. 
  • Long Range - The controller has a range of about 15 Ft. and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Comfy, torch-like shape - The round edges make it very easy and comfortable to hold, and the strap makes the device easy to carry around.

    How To Use The Pet Trainer:

    1. Point your pet trainer directly at the dog, always use an outstretched arm from a distance of approx. 6 feet away 
    2. Press the button for 1 or 2 seconds, then immediately give a verbal command. 
    3. Repeat step one and two until your pet responds to your commands, every time until the dog stops bad behaviors.
    4. Remember to praise or reward your pets! 


    • Material:                Plastic
    • Color:                    Yellow / Black
    • Frequency:            25 kHz
    • Sound Pressure:   130dB
    • Max current:          130 mA
    • Powered By:          9V battery(not included)
    • Size:                      13 x 4 x 2.2cm
    • Net weight:            97g
    • Package Weight:   107g

    Package Includes:

    1 x Ultrasonic Dog Training Device

    SHIPPING DELAY NOTICE Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order